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Principal's Corner

A Note From the Principal

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I am going to try and contain my excitement as I write this note to you. Some huge, fun events are happening at BPS this month! The first events I would like to talk about are the assemblies we are having at the end of every month. These assemblies take place to honor students and accomplishments they have achieved during the month. Some of the efforts we celebrate are good attendance, following our school rules (the Bee-Attitudes), and showing compassion to those who are less fortunate. A lot of cheering, music, teachers in costumes, and sometimes even cheerleaders from the local schools are in attendance. At our last assembly, Staff Sergeant Porter came to thank BPS for all the items we donated to the hurricane relief effort! If you ever want to come to one of these assemblies, just check out our calendar. We would love to have you!

Another event happening this month is our APEX fundraiser. If you had a student here last year, I bet you remember this event! It was tons of fun!! For those parents who are new to BPS, let me briefly explain. APEX is a group that will come in for about two weeks and do character lessons with the kids during class time. At the end of their time here, we will have an APEX run day. Hopefully, during that two-week time frame, you and your child have been able to get people to sponsor or pledge your child for every lap they run. If you would like to see APEX in action, you can go to and search for “APEX fun run.” You will see lots of examples there.

The last event that I would like to write about is the event that will actually take place first in the month. This event is known as Grandparents’ Day. It will be taking place on Friday, October 6. The main thing to tell you about that day is that it is fun and busy! Parking will be at a premium on that day. We hope to have some golf carts here to assist people because many of you will have to park in areas away from the school parking lot. However, it will all be worth it for the grandparents when they see their grandchildren’s faces light up with smiles when they see each other :)

Geoff Rhodes