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Principal's Corner

A Note From the Principal

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Welcome to the first Cub Report of the school year! I am sure there are a lot of exciting items that will be mentioned in this report. Speaking of exciting...let’s talk about our coupon book fundraiser that is going on right now! Did you know that the first 200 students that sell a coupon book will receive a gift from Bass Pro Shops? It’s true! The money that we raise from this fundraiser goes straight back to helping your kids in the classroom. In fact, the coupon book sale and the Apex Fun Run are the two biggest sources of fundraisers that we have. So please consider helping BPS out. Thanks in advance.

Another topic I would like to talk about is our Cub Time. Cub Time is a portion of the day set aside for the students to be grouped with other kids that have the same educational need that they have. This need could either be remediation or enrichment in nature. Students will move out of their classrooms to be a part of this group and will typically be taught by someone other than their regular classroom teacher. First- and second-grade students will start this process this month. Kindergarten students will begin Cub Time at a later date once the rituals and routines of going to school have become second nature to them.

Finally, I would like to give you a homework assignment. :) Just kidding...kind of. Would you read to your child (and listen to them read back to you if they can) on a regular basis? This simple activity, if done a number of times in a week, can have a TREMENDOUS impact on a child’s ability to read. A person being able to read--and read well--is one of the major keys to a successful life! If you do this at home and we do our job (calling) at BPS, then the future should be very bright for your child.

See you in the hallways.

Geoff Rhodes